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Sportster 1200 Flat Tracker

Harley-Davidson Sportster Flat Tracker

by MOD moto • Gothenburg • Sweden

Do you know Evel Knievel? No?! And his Harley-Davidson...?
The plan was to build a flat tracker inspired bike, reminiscence of Evel's XR750. It started with a Harley Davidson Sportster 883 - 02. The bike was bought in early spring, a guy from MOD moto crashed it on the test ride (due to some unseen gravel, locking up the front wheel), he hurted his hand and he had to spend six weeks without working.

Harley Sportster Flat Tracker

Harley-Davidson Flat Tracker

The Sportster was fine however, since they had nothing else to do, they started working on it and eventually they got a lot done; it ended taking them all the way to summer until completion. When they stripped it they found out that it had 1200 cylinders, score!

Sportster Flat Tracker

sportster tracker tank

The stock back fender was cut down and the front fork and triple trees were shaved, laced up 19" rims front and back with Maxxis flat track tires and... the look was set!
The MOD moto's guys continued with some Biltwell bars and grips, to which has been attached a mirror well hidden, and a Sully customs seat.

harley davidson tracker handlebars

Harley-Davidson Flat Tracker

Then they modified and put the exhaust of an Harley-Davidson 883 R and they built an "home-made" plate mount. At last the strap has been converted with the chain.
The guys have mounted a coil bracket, a key start and some mini switches. This flat tracker was finished with a Hella 500 light, a modified dirt bike foot pegs, shaved stock hand controls and a Moon air filter.

harley tracker
harley tracker

harley tracker
harley tracker

The bike rides and sounds in an awesome way, as it looks, and the boys of MOD Moto are very happy with the results of their combined efforts!
The Sporty Flat Track has walked with us only 500 km and then had a new owner...


The reminiscence of Evel...

sportster bikers tracker

harley davidson track

harley davidson stuntman

harley davidson custom tracker

sportster stunt tracker

sportster stuntman tracker


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