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Honda CB 750 drag bike

by Made Men Bikes • Denmark

When a drag bike meets the #bratstyle can only be born a badass motorcycle! Just like this 1977 Honda CB 750 Super Sport, a bike that already at that time was a real bullet. Thank you for having invented the Four series mom Honda!

CB 750 drag bike

Honda bratdrag CB 750

The guys of Made Men Bikes often put some #bratstyle in their build, and the results are charming motorcycles, from simple and clean design, but always exciting.
There is no need to "invent the new" to be appreciated, but just recall the past in the best way, and even better if with a bit of originality.
The coupled brat + drag allowed to generate a hungry beast of 1/4 mile, but also thirsty... cold beer, consumed at the bar with biker friends. That pleasure!

CB 750 brat drag bike

CB 750 dragbike
CB 750 dragbike

The photos speak for themselves, so we'll just list the parts that have been modified and installed. Take a bit of time, because the list is long...

Triple Trees from bullets custom USA.
The front fork is completely renovated with new oil and seals and dust caps.
Completely new chain, 2p as the swing arm is extended by 4"/ 10cm.
Pingel drag struts.
The entire bike is lowered approximately 4"/ 10cm.
Refurbished brakes front and rear with dust free blocks mounted. As well new brake master front and rear.
The entire engine is renovated with new chain and sliders, stamps are like new. As well as valves are cleaned and sanded so they appear as new.
CNC milled engine covers.
Foam filters.
Honda Four K1 oil tank. The flask on the side is a collector from the oil overflow.
To be continued below...

Honda Four K1 oil tank

retro style fairing Honda Four
retro style fairing Honda Four

Fitted with special exhaust from cyclex with optimized flow.
Custom Yamaha XS 350 tank with new cap and Pingel peetcock valve.
Small Ballistic 8cell battery, upholstered in a small leather pouch.
Complete new wiring.
New spark caps and spark plugs from NGK.
Newer Honda Foot pegs.
16 “harley rear rim, new 19" front. Black wheels with stainless steel spokes, as well as brand new E270 shinko tires. White Wall in the rear.
Retro Bmw fairing with custom-made brackets.
Brown grips with better throttle grip.
New switches for lights.
Custom made seat with custom made cowl.

garage build brat motorcycle

It's finally time to open the throttle of this CB 750 Brat Drag. Grab tight the handlebars!


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yamaha XS 350 tank brat

drag bike bratstyle

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