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Moto Guzzi Cardellino 65 Record

by Enrico Guanziroli • Cantù • Italy

Enrico Guanziroli is an expert and respected restorer of carriages, who has brought to light a number of woods from different places of Europe. Between one carriages and the other he finds space for his passion: Moto Guzzi!
Fascinated by the "record" Guzzino and Zigolo, that are buzzing on the straights of the '50s, Enrico has seen fit well to realize his own special.
Found an old Moto Guzzi Cardellino kicked off the work!

Guzzino record

Aluminum hulls

Article on Café Racer Italia

Being that the Cardellino has a small 65 cc single-cylinder, Enrico decided to give it more grit mounting the 110 cc engine of a Zigolo, that combined with the weight of the Cardellino allowed the bike get that at the time was considered a speed of respect: the insane 100 km/h!
To be "record" would not be enough just to enhance the engine, it was necessary also work on aerodynamics and chassis.

Zigolo engine

Guzzino tank

The fork of Cardellino was reused, like the tank and the upper part of the chassis. While the Zigolo gave the engine and the lower chassis that houses it, and also swingarm and handlebars bent, to be closer and more aerodynamic.
The front wheel is 26", like the one mounted on Guzzino 65, and has been modified by coupling two hubs to achieve the double drum brake needed to stop this missile! The rear 18" belonged instead to an unidentified English 60s. And the rear brake? There is no need, and it is heavy!
Combining the chassises were installed two shock absorbers as on the Kramer 250 used in regularity races in the 80s, a small leap into the future...!

Double brake Guzzino

Guzzino Shocks

The handlebar has been pulled from the fork yokes, then it has been lowered, and the sets with the gear levers moved to the rear frame near the wheel, the rider had to be lying to improve the aerodynamics; that is why the seat has been expanded to the maximum.

Guzzino record

Guzzino rearsets

The aluminum side fairings have helped to improve the cx earning more km/h. The wheels were then coated, and could not miss the fairing, designed at the moment, a true custom piece.
Now you just have to put it on the track and... set a record!

Aluminum hulls

alluminium motorcycle fairing


As we like...

Guzzino record

Guzzino CafeRacer

Guzzino CafeRacer

alluminium motorcycle fairing

Guzzino custom

alluminium motorcycle fairing Guzzino

Guzzino custom brat style


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