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Suzuki GN400 Bobber Tracker

by Tamas Gacs • Budapest • Hungary

Tamas Gacs never built a bike before this Suzuki GN400 Bobber Tracker, he has never held a screwdriver in his hand before. He studied sociology and he worked as a photographer, film director. All his handy experiences was assembling stuff bought from IKEA. Mainly failed!

GN400 bobber tracker

GN400 tracker

Tamas searched on the internet for an old Suzuki GN400 and he found it for only 600 euros, really cheap!
Then he spent a couple of days reading about GN400 bikes and watching pictures. It did not seem to be more difficult than Lego or playing around with his tripod stands in his studio.

suzuki GN400 exhaust

suzuki GN400 tank

He did not have to touch the engine and the rest of the project is just designing. Tamas bought a kit tool set for about 100 euros and it was almost enough for everything. He did almost everything by himself except welding and wiring. He learned about paint and metal works and the rest of the things from Google and other people's posts.

vintage knobs suzuki

vintage mirror suzuki

Honestly he didn't think he was gonna make it but he finished the whole project in five weeks. In total he worked 32 hours on the bike like a mechanic and the welding guy helped him out, another 9 hours.

Suzuki GN400 brat-tracker

Suzuki GN400 brat-tracker

Suzuki GN400 custom parts

Suzuki GN400 custom parts

The design of this bobber-tracker is really brat and essential, like this story! Beginning with the battery compartment emptied, the tailpipe just mentioned, a small speedometer and a mirror (only one left, more than enough according to Tamas), which protrudes slightly. Completed the bike, the saddle, in full brat style and little rear fender, as they say...? A sexy ass!
The trackers, more than any other brat bike, must be streamlined, and Tamas managed it very well!

suzuki drum brake

vintage clacson


The Suzy GN work in progress

suzuki gn400 project

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