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Yamaha XS 750 Cafe Racer

by Relic Motorcycles featuring Made Men Bikes • Denmark

Many "vintage-style" bikers love the cafe racers, we also, especially if they are #bratstyle! And the motorcycles built by the guys of Relic Motorcycles are really brat, like this Yamaha XS 750 burn in 1979.

Yamaha XS 750 Cafe Racer

accensione laterale a pulsante cafe racer

The bike has been disassembled, restored and customized. The look of this XS 750 is very badass. Black is the predominant color, and the beautiful brown / gray metallic which was painted the tank give it a touch of class. To make this brat-cafe more bad was applied two "Iron Cross" placed on the sides of the tank.

Yamaha XS 750 Cafe Racer

semimanubri yamaha XS 750 cafe racer

The guys have chosen two clip-ons like any self-respecting true cafe racer, with oldschool Beston grips. The rims are powder coated matte black, and mounted with Waymaster 4.5x18 (rear) and Avon Speedmaster 3.25x19 (front) tyres. Black-painted is also the engine block, with POD Filters.
Besides that: 4,5" Bates Style headlight, a bobber LED tail light, lowered rear springs (300 mm) and lowered front fork, self made slim-batterybox with Ballistic battery inside.

Yamaha XS 750 brat Cafe Racer

yamaha XS750 brat cafe racer

To sit for ride this baby has been realized an handmade leather seat with harlequin pattern in cognac.
The exhaust is a 4 into 2 chopper style (more open, you can not! - listen to it in the video below) with new charcoal gray heat wrap. Press the start button and... Badda-Bing!!!

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